Mothers on The Edge

I am incredibly proud to have contributed a small part to this documentary. I was approached by the proudcution team before they started filming as they wanted to find out more about what I went through with my Postpartum Psychosis and what I felt was important to cover as a mum who has now recovered. I sent them a copy of my book (Bonkers which they shared with the team and Louis to help with their research and copies to the brace women involved in the film. I’ve been told by the production team that they all loved the book and found it really helpful, which was really, really lovely to hear. I’ll be honest, it will be a difficult watch for me, as even now 4 years on, I have to be mindful of triggers, however, I urge everyone (who is able to) to watch it, in order to empower us all to be able to talk about even the darkest sides of motherhood. Massive thank you to Louis Theroux and his team for choosing to raise awareness and start a conversation around Postpartum Psychosis and maternal mental health.

Here is a link to the latest coverage on the show and when it will be aired as featured in The Guardian

My Book “Bonkers - A Real Mum’s Hilariously Honest Tales of Motherhood, Mayhem and Mental Health” is now available in the UK and the USA.

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