The Story Behind The Every Mum Movement

Hi there, my names Olivia and I am a mum-of-two, a mental health survivor and founder of The Every Mum Movement which has been born out of my passion and belief that;

“Every Mum Deserves the Right to Enjoy Motherhood”

The Every Mum Movement has been created to reach as many mums as possible worldwide. With the objective to educate and empower Every Mum to treat their maternal mental health as importantly as they do their physical health.

Following the birth of my two daughters I suffered with Postnatal Depression and Postnatal Psychosis. As a mum-to-be I was completely informed and prepared for the physical changes I was going to go through during pregnancy and childbirth, I was advised the best diet and the best exercise I needed to ensure I was physically well and strong enough for childbirth and what I needed to do post baby to ensure I regained my physical well-being. However, not once along the way, was I ever advised or ever read any information in all of the baby magazines, books and blogs on how to prepare myself mentally for motherhood and what to do if I was one of the 1 in 5 mums who developed a maternal mental illness.

I was one of the 1 in 5 diagnosed with a maternal mental illness and due to the devastating effect my illness had, not only on myself but my family, and my lack of awareness on what the illness was or how to fight it, I now want to do something to help other mums facing the same maternal mental health battles.

I am happy to say that after a three year battle I am now through the other side of my illness and well again. I have therefore, decided to combine my career experiences in Marketing and PR with my lived experiences of maternal mental health to make a positive difference in the world of perinatal healthcare. And most importantly to directly reach Every Mum and Every-Mum-to-be worldwide with the message that their maternal mental health and well-being is as important as their physical health. I not only want to spark up the conversation but to keep it going until, talking about our maternal mental well being becomes as much a normal part of our routine conversations as parents as it is to discuss the latest baby sleep tips or feeding advice.

When you become a mum and then a mum who is suffering with a maternal mental health illness, one of the biggest things you feel that is stolen from you is your ability to enjoy being a mum. The illness rips this joy from us and leaves us bereft.

I am therefore, inviting you and Every Mum out there, to join forces with me and help Every Mum suffering with a maternal mental health illness to reclaim their right to enjoy Motherhood!

Love Liv xx

Founder of The Every Mum Movement


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