Be Mentally Buff for Motherhood

As Mums and mums-to-be we are bombarded with a wealth of advice, tips and plans on how to keep ourselves physically buff for motherhood. We can quote the latest nutrition advice on what we should be eating to keep ourselves and our baby physically well throughout pregnancy. We have access to a plethora of antenatal and postnatal workouts and exercise classes to keep us physically fit and strong. And once our babies arrive we are inundated with advice on what we should be eating, drinking and doing to help us regain our “old selves” and bounce back fitter, stronger and healthier than ever.

And rightly so.

Our bodies go through a huge change along our journey into motherhood. Therefore, they need to be treated with respect and given the right support to be as strong and well as possible. It is fantastic that we as mums and mums-to-be know exactly what we should be doing to keep our bodies as strong as they can be for Motherhood and how we can help our bodies recover following bringing our Tiny Humans into the world.

However, when it comes to our minds, we are not so well prepared.

When we become a mum, our minds go through a monumental change, and, some would argue, a change that is even greater than the physical changes we go through. Once we enter into Motherhood our view of the world and how we once saw it shifts on its axis and changes forever. The way we now view the world, our opinions and our sense of responsibilities, expectations and emotions within it (all huge cornerstones of what makes us who we are) Are all of a sudden changed and sometimes unrecognisably so. However, for some reason these changes (unlike the physical changes we go through) we are not made aware of. They remain unspoken about. The Every Mum Movement does not think this is good enough and think its time this changed!

The mind is one hell of a muscle, therefore, here at The Every Mum Movement we want to empower mums to keep it as mentally buff by ensuring Every Mum is Informed and empowered to take action.


To inform Every Mum on what a maternal mental health illness is, the different forms it can take, the warning signs of the illness and where to get support for themselves and their families.


To empower Every Mum to talk openly about their Maternal Mental Health and to treat it as importantly as their physical health.

Take Action

To ensure that every mum who suffers with a maternal mental health illness and their families are is given the right tools to take action and access the right help and support to overcome their illness and recover fully.

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