Meet Lindsay Lipton

Lindsay Lipton


Meet The Every Mum Ambassador: Lindsay Lipton, mum-of-three and the Executive Film producer for "When the Bough Breaks" A documentary on Postpartum Depression. Lindsay suffered with Postnatal Depression, Postnatal Anxiety and Postnatal Obsessive Compulsive Disorder following the birth of her children. With the right help and support she is proud to say she is now well again and has used her lived experience of Maternal Mental health to produce the film "When the Bough Breaks" a documentary about postnatal depression with Brooke Shields. Lindsay is passionate about raising awareness of Maternal Mental health and is excited and proud to be one of the Every Mum Ambassadors.

Message of Support:"Postpartum Depression is a topic that everyone should be talking about. When we talk and share our stories we fight the stigma together. If you are suffering know that you are not alone and there is help!"


'When the Bough Breaks' and My Journey Through Postpartum Depression

Every Mum Ambassador and film producer behind the film "When the Bough Breaks", Lindsay Lipton shares her story and her strength with us here: (originally featured on The Mighty)

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