How Mums I’ve Never Met Are the Reason behind The Every Mum Movement


Once upon a time there was a woman who wanted a child.  She had longed for this child for years.  This woman  had always known she had wanted to be a mother and was sure with every fibre in her body that she was going to be a great one.  That she was going to enjoy it.  That despite the sleepless nights and the challenges it would throw at her, that she was going to be fine.  That she was going to be enough.

This woman felt prepared to be a mum.  This woman spent hours researching every item, gadget and babygro going.  This woman had read all the baby books, had poured over all the mummy blogs and brought every parenting magazine.  This woman had done pelvic floor exercises every day and ate all the right things.  This woman thought of Motherhood and would think “bring it on”

This woman was me.

And boy oh boy what I wouldn’t give for this woman (sat here typing this to you right now) to have been around to talk to that woman that once was.  How different things would have been.

You see, that woman, despite all her preparation and inspite of how physically and practically prepared she was for Motherhood, she had missed one very important and crucial thing off her “Mum-to-be To Do List.” And the most infuriating and upsetting part about all of this?  The fact that, that woman had no idea she should even have the thing she had missed off the list, on there in the first place.  She was not aware.  Not one of the books, the magazines, the blogs or the numerous health professionals she had encountered and taken advice from had told her.

This woman sat here right now, wants to talk to that woman.  She wants to get hold of her “Mum-to-be To Do list”, take “Buy buggy” off the number one spot and instead in big red marker write ‘TAKE CARE OF YOUR MATERNAL MENTAL HEALTH’.  This woman wants to make sure that woman as well as knowing the right vitamins to take, the right buggy to buy and how to keep herself physically strong for Motherhood, that she also knows in equal detail how to keep herself mentally strong for Motherhood too.

Alongside all the information that woman had read about keeping herself physically healthy through pregnancy, how to keep herself physically strong for childbirth, how to recover physically from it and be physically fit for Motherhood.  This woman wants to empower that woman with the knowledge of how to keep herself mentally well through pregnancy.  How to keep herself mentally strong for childbirth.  How to recover mentally from childbirth and to know the importance of keeping herself mentally strong and well for Motherhood.  This woman wants her to know about the physical side effects Motherhood can have but also the mental side effects too.  The warning signs and where to get the right help and support to recover from them.

So, that woman decided to start her own blog and online support group and fill it with other women just like her who were in desperate need of a safe place where they could discuss all areas of motherhood and maternal mental health – NO Judgement!  This group was called The Baby Bible and these women who filled its threads daily were known fondly as The No Bull Mums.  These women took that woman under their wings, offered her unjudgemental support and played a huge part in creating this woman sat here typing this to you today.

Today is a very important day for me as I have written my last ever post for The Baby Bible Blog and I am calling a day on my No Bull Mum persona in order to concentrate fully on beginning my next chapter with The Every Mum Movement.

It is the end of an era for that woman who suffered through 3.5 years with her maternal mental health and the start of a new and exciting chapter for this woman and all the INCREDIBLE women who have been part of my journey so far.  All these women that have helped lead me to creating The Every Mum Movement and are part of the reason I feel so passionately about empowering EVERY MUM to take care of their Maternal Mental Health.

You can read my thank you letter to the legends that are the No Bull Mums which will explain exactly how dear these women are to me here.

In the meantime, I would LOVE you to come and join me on the next part of the journey and join The Every Mum by liking The Facebook page, following me on Facebook, Instagram and signing up to the movement on the website.

If you would like to join the closed Facebook group called The Every Mum Club please drop me an email at

Heres to helping spread the message that Every Mum Deserves the Right to Enjoy Motherhood!

Love Liv xx

The Every Mum



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  1. Martine Law says:

    What a fabulous post. I love the mummy blogs I am part of and feel so strongly about mum / motherhood / parenthood issues.
    The constant struggle for balance…the constant scrutiny and judgment……the never-ending to be the ‘perfect’ mum. Who knew it was this hard?!It is awesome to know we are not alone and I salute you for your honesty and for creating the group.
    Keep being you…stay wonderful.
    Thank you xx

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