#OneMum4EveryMum- Gina’s Story



I’m no blogger or writer but I just wanted to share my experience of PND with you all.

When my eldest was born she was early. 12 weeks early so she spent the first 96 days of her little life in NICU (shout out to all the nurses and doctors #respect) and I spent those 96 days as glued to her incubator as the staff would allow. When she came home she came home with low flow oxygen and the tubes and wires made everything a little less motherly and a lot more clinical. We bonded, we laughed, we made friends at mother and toddler groups. We fought for consultations with specialists when we felt there were issues and we grew.

Time went on and in the spring my eldest came off her oxygen and daddy said we deserved a night out to celebrate. A few cocktails a positive pregnancy test later I worried myself sick through the next nine months and five days.

 When they handed me my youngest after delivery I was over come with grief. Why hadn’t I had this experience first time round, who was this little alien covered in gunk on my chest and why was she looking at me with those I need you eyes. And then I was rushed to theatre with a haemorrhage. Fun!
So when we finally met again daddy had dressed her in the babygrow I had dreamed my eldest would have her first snuggle in and I cried.
I cried like the rain for six solid weeks in isolation after that.
Daddy even sent us on a two week holiday to my mams missing out for himself on newborn snuggles in the hope my mum would help me feel better. She did and she suggested I see my gp and get some help.
The pills were such a relief. I could function and look at my baby and finally feel what I missed at the beginning. The connection between us is so strong even now.

Gina and what she likes to call her “Mummy’s girls” x

I’m off the meds a year now. My youngest was four in November so I guess what I want to say is that no matter how long the struggle the light is there. Keep going and keep believing in yourself xxx

Every week we will see a new #OneMum4EveryMum feature here on the blog, inviting fellow mums with experience of maternal mental health to share their story.  One of the most important things when talking about our Maternal Mental Health is keeping the conversation going by sharing our experiences, our stories, our fears and in turn our kick ass bravery in standing up against the taboos surrounding the illness and showing Every Mum out there that its not only OK to talk about mental health but it is vital in ensuring we all get our right to Enjoy Motherhood! Therefore, if you fancy sharing your story (no matter what part of it you are currently on) and in turn your kick ass bravery in turning up to the fight every day, then I would LOVE to hear from you! Please email me  I look forward to hearing your stories and standing together and being a One Mum 4 Every Mum.

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