Lindsay Lipton

Lindsay Lipton, mum-of-three and the Executive Film producer for "When the Bough Breaks" A documentary on Postpartum Depression. Lindsay suffered with Postnatal Depression, Postnatal Anxiety and Postn

Elanor Marshall

Ellie Marshall, Mum of two. Ellie had no problems with her Maternal Mental Health following the birth of her eldest (despite it being a traumatic birth). Her son was born prematurely due to a place

Stacey Okane

Mum to 3 soon too be 4

Emma Kennedy

Mum of a beautiful boy who is soon turning 1, I am 30 years old and looking for support after a traumatic pre/post birth experience

Francesca Phillips

I\'m a proud mum of one daughter and another baby on the way. All I ever wanted was to be a Mum but bringing my baby into the world and the first few weeks of motherhood were not as I had expected

Crystal Fennessy

I raise my son on my own because my partners too busy with his friends.

Caitlin Brown

21 year old mum of 6 month old Emily, moved to Scotland 2015 to be with my partner had our baby in 2016 still living in scotland our families live in Northern Ireland.

Nicola Hughes

First time mum with baby born on 27th April. Despite straight forward pregnancy, we ended up starting contractions on the Monday and then emergency caesarean on the Thursday. Still in hospital with in

Elenor Gowthorpe

I am 30 and had my first baby in November 2016. I have found being a mum so much harder than I thought I would.

Maz Iknoun

37 yr old mum of 4 and maternal mental health fighter!!

Becci Johnston

32 year old Mum of 3 beautiful girls. I have bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and suffered from PND, PPP, and have worked with perninatal teams in my last 2 pregnancies.

Laura Turner

I suffered from 20weeks pregnant with anxiety with my youngest. It hit me harder when he was born and I didn’t know what to do, eventually I came out the other side. It was hard but I’m proud of m

Kathryn Banks

A mum of two from West Sussex. I was diagnosed with postnatal depression a year after the birth of my son and experienced antenatal depression whilst pregnant with my daughter.