Dear No Bull Mums

My No Bull Mum Alter Ego

Dear No Bull Mums,

WOW! Its been an eventful 3 and a bit years since we all met hasn’t it?  We have all been through so much together since my first ever post on The Baby Bible Facebook group back on 8th January 2014 (The No Bull Mums group was known as The Baby Bible Originally).  Therefore, I wanted to write to you all to let you know about the next changes that are coming this way in the hope that you will all want to still be a part of what I am doing and come along with me for the ride.

First, lets take a bit of a trip down The No Bull Mum memory lane and go back to the start of The Baby Bible Secret Group back in 2014.  Thinking back to me back then I was in a bit of a precarious place.  I was a mum of a gorgeous little girl.  I was battling severe PND and Postnatal psychosis and was 2 months pregnant with our second Tiny Human all whilst living in France with no family support or mental health support other than my husband.  I had come off my anti depressants 4 months earlier and was convinced that I had overcome my illness.  I had not.  Little did I know that the battle was only really just getting started.

During this time, The Baby Bible group and all you mums who were on it with me, were without you knowing it;  My village, my closest of friends, my biggest supporters.  My safe place.  Running the group, sharing my writing and chatting with you all on line gave me a focus, gave me a drive and gave me a purpose outside of being a mum.  Outside of being mentally ill.  It helped me work through some incredibly difficult times and even when the times were too dark to share with you all, and in spite of the times I was too ill to interact with you all, just knowing that you were all there, chatting to each other and using the group as your very own safe place where you could share your experiences of motherhood – NO judgement, kept me going.  Kept giving me some light at the end of the tunnel.

I can hand on heart say, that I feel like I’m friends with each and every one of you (even though we haven’t had the chance to meet yet).   I’ve shared some of my most secret of confessions, my most challenging and heartbreaking of times and my most memorable and happiest of successes with you all.  And the non judgemental support and friendships that have come out of this group of ours fills me with so much pride I could burst.

You’ve helped me realise my dream of being a writer, something I never thought possible.  You watched my shock and excitement as I got an agent and started getting my book sent out to publishers and then you saw my self-confidence and self-belief take a battering as I was dropped by my agent and my book writing dreams were left in tatters along with my mental health.  However, you stuck by me, you helped build me back up and gave me the confidence to keep writing.  You encouraged me to keep going as you thought that what I had to say actually mattered and what I was writing about was actually helping some of you get through your darkest of times too.

Thanks to you all I carried on writing for the blog and a year later whilst sorting through my “pile of crap” tidied/hidden (like only a too knackered to clean mums knows how to) behind the chair in the kitchen corner, I came across my old manuscript, dusted it off and thought “To hell with it!”.  You lot liked how I wrote and you lot enjoyed my articles so I decided to share the first part of the book with you all and posted it on the blog for you to read.

Well, life and the universe totally screw with you at times….A year previous my book was deemed as “too real” to be published, however, I now suddenly found myself (thanks to releasing the first part of my book), in the national press and then approached by two of the UKs leading publishers both interested in the book and wanting to offer me a book deal.  TOTALLY AND UTTERLY BONKERS!

Since sharing the news with you all about the book, I have now finished it and it is currently with my editor for final proofing.  However, the book since its original concept has changed and so my lovelies, have I…..

Similarly to the original draft of the book, when I first stepped into Motherhood and The No Bull Mum persona, I was driven by a fierce anger about the situation I found myself in.  A situation that no one, not the health professionals, parenting books or blogs had prepared me for.  The dire situation I found myself in was me being a first time mum, dealing with all the expected firsts of Motherhood alongside battling daily with the firsts of suffering with a Maternal Mental Health illness.  I felt the world of Motherhood I now found myself in was littered with judgement, pressure and expectations and I felt like I had been totally conned.  This was not what had been sold to me during my pregnancy.  And as for having to consider taking care of my mental health in case I was the one-in-five mum diagnosed with a mental health illness? Well, this never even crossed my mind whilst expecting.

Once I was diagnosed and fully aware of my situation and the fact that I was so unaware of what could happen to my mental health, this feeling of being conned was compounded and I was left feeling cheated out of the type of motherhood I wanted.  I was left feeling as though I didn’t deserve the right to enjoy being a mum.

And here in lies the crux of the changes that I am looking to make going forward.  The changes and the new chapter that I really hope you will join me on.

Both myself and my writing and the purpose of what I am doing has evolved since those first posts and those first raw and fiercely angry articles.  This rawness and anger has now evolved into a fierce passion and drive to “DO SOMETHING” and to make sure Every Mum enters into Motherhood empowered to take care of their maternal mental health and believing that they deserve the right to enjoy motherhood.

Therefore, I have decided to take the plunge and concentrate fully on the Every Mum Movement in order to create a movement that empowers Every Mum to take care of their Maternal Mental Health from Pregnancy to Motherhood and beyond.  This means that I will be re-naming and re-branding The No Bull Mums secret group and The No Bull Mum page.  Both the group and the page will now come under The Every Mum umbrella to help me spread the message of the movement as far and as wide as possible.

Therefore, going forward there will be:

The Every Mum Movement Facebook page, which will feature blog posts, articles and news on Maternal Mental Health (including the latest news from The Every Mum Movement) Please pop over and like the page x

“Olivia Siegl-The Every Mum” public Facebook page (Soon to renamed from The No Bull Mum) which will feature more personal and general posts from me on Motherhood and life in general including a strong focus on maternal mental health.  Please pop over and give it a like.

The Every Mum Club – (Soon to be renamed from The No Bull Mums secret page – if the link doesn’t work it may because you are not a member therefore drop me an email and I will send you and invitation) Which will continue to be ran as a secret closed group offering a safe place for mums to come and share their experiences of Motherhood and ask for advice – NO Judgement! If you would like to join the closed group please email me on  If you’re already a member please invite other mums to join.

The Every Mum Movement Website – Acting as the HQ for the Movement and where you can sign up to join the movement and show your support.  It will also feature regular blogs and news articles.  Please visit the site and join the movement.

The No Bull Mum accounts on Twitter and Instagram will also be renamed to “Olivia – The Every Mum” – please pop over and follow if you have an account.

As for The Baby Bible blog this will still be live, however with visitors being redirected to The Every Mum Site.  Therefore, this is going to be my last ever blog for The Baby Bible marking the end of an era and the start of the next.

I feel like I have grown up so much with you all over the last few years and without the love and support you have all shown to me and what I have been trying to do, none of this would have been possible.  You have all played such an integral part in me getting to where I am today with the book and The Every Mum Movement and I would love you to continue being a part of it all and come with me on the next part of the journey.

I would therefore, LOVE to hear from any one who would like to be involved with The Every Mum Movement and the work we will be doing and would also LOVE LOVE your support on social media by asking you to like the Facebook pages, to invite your friends to do the same and to invite you to sign up to supporting the movement on the website 

I have some really exciting announcements over the next few weeks about the movement and it just wouldn’t be the same without you all there with me! xxx

Thank you for everything you’ve shared, everything you’ve supported and everything you’ve done!

Love as always


The Every Mum xxx


“Every Mum Deserves the Right to Enjoy Motherhood”


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