"Every Mum Deserves the Right to Enjoy Motherhood"

Empowering Every Mum to be Mentally Buff for Motherhood

The Every Mum Movement “One mums mission to empower Every Mum to treat their Maternal Mental Health as importantly as their physical health”.

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#MeToo – Gina Shares her Story to Empower Every Mum

    I’m no blogger or writer but I just wanted to share my experience of PND with you all. When my eldest was born…

Why Silence is NOT Golden When it Comes to Mental Health

I am a chatterbox.  I like, (no, scrap that) I LOVE to have a good chat.  I will talk to anyone and have been known…

#MeToo – Ciara Shares her Story to Empower Every Mum

When my son Jamie was born, I couldn’t believe the special day was finally here and I was finally a mother. I had wanted this…